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Welcome to Dar-Tech!

For 60+ years Dar-Tech, Inc. has been a trusted business partner to both our suppliers and customers in the distribution of specialty raw materials to various industries. Our dedication to the Responsible Distribution Process shows our commitment to meet and exceed our Customers’ and our Principals’ expectations. You can download a copy of our Certificate by clicking. NACD_Verification_Certificate_2017-10-23 to_2020_10_23

Please visit our About UsStaff, Products, Markets, Suppliers, and News pages to learn more!

Mission Statement

Dar-Tech‘s focus is being recognized as the premier source for quality products and service.  Total Customer and Principal satisfaction is achieved by our superior technical and marketing support along with outstanding customer service, distinguishing Dar-Tech as a recognized sales organization leader.

The Value We Bring…

  • To our Suppliers: Dar-Tech professionally represents our Principals’ product lines to customers with an effective sales, logistics, and supply chain management system, as well as provides Principals with valuable market knowledge, responsive support, and the benefit of extending their sales arm through our established relationships with our Customers.
  • To Our Customers: Dar-Tech provides access to industry respected manufacturers and formulators with high quality, well-known, specialty chemical products, an effective logistics network, and a responsive sales and customer service staff all of whom deliver technical support, with a customer-focused, personal approach.