black rubber beltsElastomers / Rubber

Dar-Tech offers a wide variety of products to the Rubber industry. See all of the manufacturers we represent listed below, with the available types of materials they manufacture listed.




Cylan and Tytan coupling agents

CVC Thermoset Specialties

HYPRO™ reactive liquid polymers, Nychem Specialty Nitrile latex polymers


Phosphate Ester based flame retardants, Phosphite Antioxidants


PORTAFLAME SG ATH flame retardants, PORTAFLAME CA calcium borate, PORTAFILL A ATH, PORTAFILL H magnesium carbonate, SECUROC C magnesium corbonate, PORTAFER M Magnetite


DCC / Lansco

Organic Pigments: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Violet, Inorganic Pigments: Aluminum Paste/Powder/Pellets, Anti-Corrosive, Bismuth Vanadate, Carbon Black, Chrome Yellow, Iron Oxides, Milori and Ultramarine Blue, Molybdate Orange, Mixed Metal Oxides, Zinc Ferrite, Zinc Oxide

Chemours (Formerly DuPont Titanium Technologies)

Ti-Pure® Titanium Dioxide

Mineral Fillers

Burgess Pigment

OPTIWHITE, ICEBERG, ICECAP K anhydrous and hydrous clays

Cimbar Performance Minerals

CIMBAR™ white barytes, BARIMITE™ natural barytes/barium sulfate

Imerys Talc


Omya, Inc.

OMYACARB® and SNOWHITE®, Ground Calcium Carbonate

Southeastern Performance Materials

Muscovite Mica


HIFILL® Calcium Carbonate, HIFILL N® Nepheline Syenite, IMSIL® Microcrystalline Silica, SNOBRITE® Air Float Clays, SILVERBOND Crystalline Silica, CASIFLUX Wollastonite


BYK Instruments USA

Lab instruments, physical testing, gloss and color instrumentation, lab dispersers and lab supplies

CDF, Inc.

Drum and pail liners, inserts, covers and strainers

Fawcett Company, Inc.

Air and electric driven agitators and mixers