test tubes of chemicalsAdditives

Dar-Tech offers a wide variety of additives for all the different market segments we sell to. Click below on our Supplier/ Principles links for more specifics on products and to request  a sample.


YELKIN lecithin, ADM OFE Water dispersible lecithin, Sorbitol


Defoamers & Deaerators, Slip & Leveling Agents, High Molecular Weight Polymeric Dispersants, Conventional Wetting & Dispersing Aids


TYTAN organic titanate & zirconate catalysts, crosslinkers, and adhesion promoters

CVC Thermoset Specialties

ERISYS™ functional monomer modifiers, OMICURE® catalysts and accelerators

Frank B. Ross Company

Ross Wax natural and synthetic waxes


SHORT-STUFF ™synthetic pulp, FYBREL™ wet lap synthetic pulp, KYNAR® PVDF multifilament yarns, Precision Cut Fibers


PANGEL Bentonite & Sepiolite, CIMSIL Attapulgite