powdered functional mineralsFunctional Minerals

Dar-Tech offers a wide variety of functional minerals, whether its extending primary pigments,  reinforcing compounds, or reducing resin demands, Click below on our Supplier/Principles link for more specifics and  to request a sample.PERGOPAK® matting agent

Burgess Pigment

OPTIWHITE, ICEBERG, ICECAP K anhydrous and hydrous clays

Cimbar Performance Minerals

CIMBAR™ white Barytes, BARIMITE™ natural barytes/barium sulfate

Eagle Picher

Celatom® Diatomaceous Earth

Imerys Talc


Omya, Inc.

OMYACARB® and SNOWHITE® Ground Calcium Carbonate


PORTAFLAME SG ATH flame retardants, PORTAFLAME CA calcium borate, PORTAFILL A ATH, PORTAFILL H magnesium carbonate, SECUROC C magnesium carbonate, CASIFLUX Wollastonite, PORTAFER M Magnetite, MINEX® Nepheline Syenite, HIFILL-N Nepheline Syenite, HIFILL-C Calcium carbonate, IMSIL® Microcrystalline Silica, SNOBRITE® Kaolin Clays

Southeastern Perfomance Minerals

Muscovite mica


PANGEL® Bentonite and Sepiolite, CIMSIL Attapulgite