Suppliers We Represent

Dar-Tech has spent over 60 years partnering with widely recognized and well respected suppliers of raw materials for industry use. Our Principals are premier providers of quality products and technical solutions for today’s manufacturers and formulators. We professionally represent our Principals’ product lines to our Customers with effective sales, logistics, and supply chain management systems. Please see our offering below, and click on any name to learn more, or click here to contact us and let us know how we can help you today.


For a downloadable copy of Principal listing, click here Line Card November 2018


YELKIN lecithin, ADM 551 and ADM OFE® water dispersible lecithin, Sorbitol


Defoamers & Deaerators, Slip & Leveling Agents, High Molecular Weight Polymeric Dispersants, Conventional Wetting & Dispersing Aids


TYTAN organic titanate & zirconate catalysts, crosslinkers, and adhesion promoters

Burgess Pigment

OPTIWHITE, ICEBERG, ICECAP K anhydrous and hydrous clays


Lab instruments, physical testing, gloss and color instrumentation, lab dispersers and lab supplies.


Drum and pail liners, inserts, covers and strainers

Cimbar Performance Minerals

CIMBAR™ white Barytes, BARIMITE™ natural barytes/barium sulfate

CVC Thermoset Specialties

ERISYS™ functional monomer modifiers, OMICURE® catalysts and accelerators, HYPRO™ reactive liquid polymers, EPALLOY® epoxy resins, HY-POX™ elastomer modified epoxy resins

DCC / Lansco

Organic and Inorganic color pigments, KROLAR® encapsulated pigments, MAXBRITE basic dye pigments.

Chemours (Formerly DuPont Titanium Technologies)

Ti-Pure® Titanium Dioxide

Emerald Performance Materials

Nychem™ Specialty Emulsions

Fawcett Company, Inc.

Air and electric driven agitators and mixers

Frank B. Ross Company

Ross Wax natural and synthetic waxes


HAUTHANE water-based PUD’s

Huber Engineered Materials

MARTINAL® ATH and MARTOXID® alumina oxide pigments, PERGOPAK® matting agent

Imerys Talc


Omya, Inc.

OMYACARB® and SNOWHITE® Ground Calcium Carbonate

MiniFIBERS, Inc.

SHORT-STUFF ™synthetic pulp, FYBREL™ wet lap synthetic pulp, KYNAR® PVDF multifilament yarns, Precision Cut Fibers

PPG Silica Products

LO-VEL® flatting silicas, HI-SIL® thickeners, INHIBISIL® Anti-Corrosion Pigments


Ground ATH, Calcined Bauzite, Cristobalite, Magnesium Carbonate, Silica Sand, Magnesium Borate, Magnesium Hydroxide, Calcium Borate, Magnetite, 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Calcium Carbonate

Southeastern Performance Minerals

Muscovite mica


FILLITE Hollow Silicate Spheres, PANGEL® Bentonite & Sepiolite, CIMSIL Attapulgite

Unimin Corporation

MINEX® Nepheline Syenite, IMSIL® Microcrystalline Silica, SNOBRITE® Kaolin Clays