Borica Co., Ltd.

Tytan™ organic titanates and zirconates are versatile chemicals, used in a wide range of applications such as adhesion promoters for printing inks, cross linking agents for anticorrosive coatings and sealants, effective catalysts for certain chemical reactions, and many other application.


Industrial Coatings
TYTAN™ titanates strongly improve adhesion to metallic substrates through covalent bonding, cross-linking the functional groups of a wide variety of resin binders and acting as coupling agents for pigments and fillers.  This allows formulators to develop coatings for a wide variety of binder systems that have the necessary adhesion and anti-corrosive properties to withstand the toughest requirements of today’s general industrial, chemical and transport industries.

The CX-range of TYTAN™ products strongly improves rheological application properties of waterborne paints providing the end-users with non-drip paints with improved flow properties, reduced sagging/spattering and low VOC.

The current range of products strongly improves adhesion of printing inks to flexible and metal packaging films while enabling them to withstand heat sealing, freezer storage, abrasive handling, solvents, acids, greases during printing, packaging, storage and handling by consumers.  Our range includes AP100, the low odor and low color alternative, fully registered in Europe and the USA.

The current range of TYTAN™ S-range products allows manufacturers of neutral cure RTV silicone sealants to strongly improve their products to meet the requirements set by today’s challenging construction, automotive, aeronautic and electronic industries.

TYTAN™ Zirconates/Titanatactes act as cross-linking agents for guar derivatives. They provide hydraulic fracturing fluids with excellent capabilities of propagating the fracture by transmitting hydraulic pressure to the formation and transporting the proppant into the created fracture.

In Acrylates and Methacrylates, TYTAN™ titanates increase alcohol conversion and avoid undesirable side products.  In Plasticizers such as DOP, DINP, DIDP, DOA, DINA, and TOTM, TYTAN™ titanates can increase production of phthalates, adipates and trimellitates by up to 50% vs. conventional acid systems.