CVC Thermoset Specialties


Thermoset materials as epoxies represent a versatile chemistry useful in developing high performance maintenance/marine coatings, adhesives, encapsulants, composites, etc.  CVC Thermoset Specialties provides suitable products to the epoxy technologist enabling the formulation of such materials.  EPALLOY™ specialty epoxy technologies deliver improved performance over standard resins and include: Epoxidized Phenol Novolacs, Resorcinol Modified Novolacs, Bis A Modified and Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resins.

HyPox™ elastomer modified epoxy and Hypro™ reactive liquid polymers are effectively used to enhance toughness and/or flexibility of epoxy systems. Hypro reactive liquid polymers are butadiene homopolymers and butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymers having carboxyl (CT), amine (AT) and methacrylate(VT) functionalities to accommodate several chemistries. HyPox resins are modified with Hypro reactive liquid polymers, polyurethanes and dimer acid to achieve various degrees of viscosity, adhesion, flexibility and toughness in formulated epoxy systems.

In addition to the reactive groups in both terminal positions of the polymer chain, select grades also have pendent reactivity as well. The microstructure and formation of rubbery domains in the thermoset resin matrix is key to delivering the significantly enhanced toughening and flexibility required in many demanding end-uses.

Reactive diluents are monomers used in epoxy formulations for viscosity reduction and handling/processing purposes. ERISYS™ monomers and modifiers are used in thermoset formulations to reduce viscosity and improve handling, processing, and application properties of formulations. They also enhance features, such as flexibility and toughness, and maintain chemical resistance and UV stability. ERISYS modifiers and monomers are offered in a broad range of products from mono-epoxy functional to multi-epoxy functional materials. Chemistries include Aromatic & Aliphatic Glycidyl Ethers, Glycidyl Amines and Glycidyl Esters.

Accelerating cure speed and/or reducing cure temperature are important to optimize productivity, energy use, and ultimate mechanical properties. We offer OMICURE™ Dicyandiamide and boron-based catalysts for latent, one-component heat cured epoxy systems. These substituted urea catalysts help to accelerate the cure speed and reduce cure temperatures of Dicyandiamide cured formulations and help to optimize productivity, energy use, and ultimate physical properties.