DCC / Lansco


With sixty plus years of pigment manufacturing experience, DCC / Lansco provides customers with the highest quality pigments from around the world at attractive prices.

Customers who use DCC / Lansco materials have peace of mind knowing that they are backed by a professional organization who has achieved brand excellence through rigorous quality control processes.  Their superior after-sales technical support, and extensive in-house research and development, allow Dominion to help customers grow.

DCC / Lansco continues to expand their product lines and innovate with newly developed product offerings, while maintaining a sharp focus on quality and service in all areas of DCC’s /Lansco operations.

In Coatings, Pigments & Dispersions are used in architectural and industrial liquid coatings including automotive & coil as well as powder coatings.

In Inks, Pigments & Dispersions are used for Aqueous and solvent based inks for packaging and ink jet applications

In Plastics, Pigments are used in polyolefin, PVC & Engineering Resins for molding including injecting & blow, as well as for film & fiber