Chemours (Formerly DuPont Titanium Technologies)


Coating Applications


In the areas of residential, commercial and industrial construction and remodel, you will find TiO2 white pigment in architectural paint, where it provides the ability of paint manufacturers to offer the wide variety of colors that are available today. One of the most important features that TiO2 white pigment provides in architectural paint is coverage. The more TiO2 that is in your paint, the better coverage you will get with that paint. For exterior paints, TiO2 provides durability and protection to the painted surface from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. 


Many components of your automobile, interior and exterior, contain TiO2. Automotive paint has never been more durable, with so many color variations available. Titanium dioxide white pigment is a key component of this paint. In addition to Automotive applications, TiO2 is also used in coatings for Cans/Packaging, Coil, General/Metal, Plastics, and a wide variety of Powder coatings, especially those where durability is needed.

Special Purpose 

Pleasure boats, cruise ships, shipping vessels, rail cars and airplanes – all of these modes of transportation utilize TiO2 white pigment. Similar to its uses in the automotive industry, TiO2 is used in various paint and coatings for these vehicles.

Plastic Applications

Our world and lifestyle would be quite different today without the development and evolution of the plastics industry. Since the 1950’s DuPont Titanium Technologies has been dedicated to providing the plastics industry with products and services that solve your color, opacity and weatherability design issues. As the plastics industry has evolved over this time our portfolio of TiO2 products has grown to meet your changing needs.  Our focus continues on plastics as we collaborate along specific value chains with you and your customers and with other co-suppliers to create customized TiO2 products that provide unique benefits for very specific plastics applications. At the same time we continue to improve and innovate our current products– many of which are industry standards.

TiO2 is commonly used in the following polymer systems for a wide variety of applications: ABS, Acrylics, PET/PBT, PPS, PVC, Polyamide, Polycarbonate and PC Blends, Polyethylene/Polypropylene, Polystyrene