Hauthaway Corporation

Over 160 years of innovation in designing advanced polymers and finishing compounds for applications that require the very best.

Hauthaway’s broad water-based polyurethane dispersion portfolio affords formulators options for compounding coatings for wood and concrete flooring, automotive interior plastics, leather seating and garments, and flame retardant finishes for textiles.


Coatings Resins

Hauthaway offers an extensive line of waterborne polyurethane resins for applications as diverse as DIY brushing varnishes and automotive interior plastics. We have a broad portfolio of products to meet almost every need.

Leather Finishes

Leather finishing is simply enhancing and protecting the natural beauty of the hide.  It sounds simple.  But it takes the finest components, painstakingly formulated, to achieve it, which is why Hauthaway coatings will enhance your leathers perfectly.  From unfinished, natural looks to fully finished leathers, their development staff makes sure that each formulation is exactly right.

Textile Finishes

Hauthaway offers a broad range of high performance resins and formulated products for the textile industry.  Their products range from water borne urethanes used in formulating non-haze, water-repellant, flame-retardant coatings to compounded adhesives with proven performance in flocked upholstery industry.  With over 30 years experience in polymerization and compounding, Hauthaway excels at providing unique polymers and custom formulated products for the toughest applications.