Huber Engineered Materials

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Matting Agents

PERGOPAK® matting agents for paints and coatings are ground specialties based on an organic condensation polymer. Backed by experienced technical service, these products offer integrated solutions for a wide variety of applications.

PERGOPAK® matting agent has been specially adapted to the requirements of the paint and varnish industry. A polymethyl urea resin containing a negligible quantity of free methylol groups, PERGOPAK® functions as a polymer cross-linking agent during film forming, and is also used in a modified form as a pigment in the paper industry. The name is derived from parchment and opacity.

Practice has shown that lacquer properties can be greatly improved by incorporating PERGOPAK® as a matting agent. The resulting reactions in the course of film formation exert a strong influence on the elasticity, hardness and degree of cross-linking of the lacquer film. The formation of multi-functional cross-linking points, by way of the methylol groups, radically improves the elasticity and surface hardness of the films at increasing pigment volume concentrations. Such cross-linking reactions are associated especially with resins containing hydroxyl groups (acrylates, alkyd resins, etc.), on account of etherification at higher temperatures.

For high matting capacity, good surface properties, good mechanical strength, and a soft-feel effect in your varnishes and paints, try PERGOPAK® matting agents.