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Dar-Tech carries Sibelco’s unique range of mineral Flame Retardants for applications like wire and cable, roofing membranes, insulating foam, moulding compounds, and carpet backing.

Whether you are looking for halogen free flame retardants, different decomposition temperatures, optimized packing formulations, or effective smoke suppressant synergists, Sibelco offers choice and flexibility.

Sibelco’s minerals can be used as fillers and extenders, enhancing many paint properties including color development, gloss, opacity, flow, durability and permeability.


  • Securoc C: Very fine, platy-shaped filler with flame and smoke suppressant properties. In addition this product works as an effective acid scavenger in halogen containing polymers. This is used in applications where processing temperatures exceed 200C, making ATH unsuitable. Main applications are PVC and chloroprene wire & cable compounds and PVC/NBR foams
  • Securoc B: Based on naturally occurring magnesium hydroxide and are developed as functional halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) fillers for plastics and rubbers. These are also used in applications where processing temperatures exceed 200C. The main uses are wire & cable, polyolefin roofing membranes and electrical appliances based on thermoset compounds.
  • Portaflame SG: Produced from high quality ATH, SG provides effective flame retardancy in a broad range of applications such as wire and cable compounds, resin potting compounds, carpet backing, coatings, sealants, and adhesives. A broad range of particle sizes have been engineered for optimal packing in SMC and BMC and polymer concrete. Newly developed ultrafine grades provide an effective alternative in foam and in optimized packing formulations. High brightness and consistent particle sizes provide a reliable qualitative end product.
  • Portaflame CA: A micronized Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR), CA is an effective synergist for other flame retardant fillers, such as ATH and Magnesium hydroxide, in a range of binder systems such as PE, PP, TPO, EVA, EPDM and rubber. Produced from naturally occurring hydrated calcium borate, the flame-retarding action of Portaflame CA is based mainly upon its high char forming and glazing/fluxing ability in combination with endothermic decomposition (heat-sink effect). Portaflame CA is also an attractive alternative for synthetic zinc borate.
  • Portafil A: Milled high brightness, high purity, low density ATH for use in coatings. A10 is recommended for gloss, and A40 is recommended for matte finishes. Main application areas are in Powder Coatings and EIFS/Stucco exterior finishes.