The Tolsa Group manufactures an extensive range of clay based additives that improve the performance of materials used in construction, paints and coatings, civil engineering, and agriculture among others.


Sepiolite: A phyllosilicate with an acicular morphology. This acicular form provides a great chemical and thermal stable structure. Systems thickened with Sepiolite clay, contrary to other additives, keep stable properties at high temperatures, at a wide pH range (3-14), and have low electrolyte sensitivity.

Bentonite: A group of clays composed commonly by a smectite call montmorillonite. Bentonite has an extended laminar structure which holds a fairly high density of negative charge that is compensated with cations in between the layers. The strong interaction with water allows them to disperse easily in high solids systems creating a fully shear thinning del structure.

Attapulgite: Has a structure very similar to Sepiolite with the main difference being a smaller zeolitic channel. The needle has a lower aspect ratio than Sepiolite which leads to a less demanding energy dispersion.

Hillow Silicate Spheres: Glass hard, inert, hollow silicates spheres are primarily used to reduce the weight of cement slurries. Advantages also include increased filler loading and improved rheology.