Unimin Corporation

The Unimin mineral portfolio reflects the wide diversity of physical, chemical and functional requirements of our customers. Many of these essential raw materials are uniquely occurring in the world, and quarried to serve a worldwide demand for performance oriented industrial minerals. Strict selection criteria, based upon application and performance requirements, identify ore bodies with specific mineralogical properties for processing and optimization.

Unimin employs a wide range of beneficiation methods to produce industrial minerals with functionality and value for our customers. Chemical purity, particle size management and other “critical to quality” parameters are statistically controlled for predictable results in the customer’s application. Continual exploration and reinvestment ensure that these essential raw materials remain a uniform and sustainable resource for our customers.


We offer ceramists a comprehensive portfolio of chemically pure and highly reactive ceramic silica, sodium and potassium fluxes, plastic clays and kaolin, prepared bodies and engineered blends. Whether your objective is design and composition, energy cost management, productivity improvement or process optimization we can propose a solution. Applications Include: Sanitaryware, Floor, Wall and Porcelanato Tile, Tableware, Hobbyware and Ornamental Ceramics Insulators, Ceramic Cutting Tools, Brick and Clay Structural Tile.

Plastics & Rubber

We produce engineered functional fillers for a diverse range of polymer applications. Whether the objective is antiblocking for high clarity film, thermal efficiency in green house covers, improved thermal and forming properties in TPO and TPE, or the optimal balance of function and appearance in translucent, transparent or opaque plastics, we can provide a solution. Applications include: Tires and Hard rubber wearing parts, Flexible membranes/soft goods, Rubber and thermoelastomers, Plastic packaging and agricultural film, Extruded and filled shapes.

Paint & Coatings

Unimin offers our industry’s largest portfolio of reinforcing silicate fillers and extender pigments. A matrix of physical, chemical and functional properties, these engineered mineral fillers are proven solutions to address brightness and color development, transparency or hiding power, chemical and photochemical stability, consumer product labeling and green formulating objectives. Applications Include: Architectural Trade Paints, Industrial, Marine and Maintenance coatings, OEM and Powder coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Mastics, Clear Coats and UV Cured Systems.

Construction & Engineering

Unimin offers a complete range of additives for construction, filtration and remediation projects. Consistently uniform chemistries, particle size distributions and performance attributes help ensure the efficient operation of industrial and chemical processes and contribute to the quality and consistency of building materials and manufactured goods. Applications Include: Soil stabilization, Abrasives, Water production and filtration, Waste treatment, Soil remediation, Stack scrubbers/Flue Gas Desulphurization, Concrete and Precast Structural Members, Engineered stone/Artificial marble, Roofing shingles, Asphalt and Coal Tar Emulsion.